About Us

Started in 1988, All Purpose Pumps was a small family owned and operated business. With a passion for quality pump solutions and systems, partnering with Plumbers, Builders and Consultants. All Purpose Pumps has built the knowledge and experience to deliver end-to-end solutions to some of the most difficult challenges. All Purpose Pumps has continued to grow over the years which facilitates a dedicated office and manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria. The continuous growth of the company developed a focus in the CBS (Commercial Building Services) market which will refine and expand our product range alongside subsequently growing our experienced team. The expansion will focus on establishing the highest quality service for our customers which will improve lead times for projects and create the best products in the business. Alongside the CBS market, we also service Plumbing, Stores, Fire, Body Corporates, Building Owners, and Government bodies. All Purpose Pumps’ custom-built head office, warehouse and factory facility is located in Melbourne at 21-23 Industrial Avenue, Hoppers Crossing. Alongside our Hoppers Crossing site, we also have a Geelong office at 70 Technology Close, Corio. Both of our facilities have custom testing bays to ensure our pumps and systems leave the factory in perfect working order.

Our Vision

Delivering world class and trusted products, services, solutions and support to the commercial building market.

Our Mission

To be the trusted and preferred partner in the commercial building market by flawlessly delivering an expansive range of water products and services.

How Our Members Think

100/0/0 is an All Purpose Pumps Principle which reflects our commitment to take 100% Responsibility, 0 Excuses and 0 Blame.
  • We always Take Responsibility to take the initiative and work out how it can be done.
  • We make Zero Excuses for not providing great customer service or providing exceptional quality systems.
  • There is no Blame and understand that mistakes are not performed on purpose, we support each other to move forward through process enhancement and skill development.

Our Corporate Values

We work with an ethos of ERIK, that is:
  • Excellence – We are a team that is committed to excelling at every level.
  • Responsibility – Making positive and right decisions for the benefit of all to support mission success.
  • Integrity – Demonstrating truth, fairness and openness at all times.
  • Knowledge – A continual commitment to learning to innovate, build our capabilities, and guarantee member and client success.

Our Quality Policy

In 2014 All Purpose Pumps was recognised as having ISO 9001: Certified Quality Management Systems and have maintained this accreditation since. We take the quality of everything we do extremely seriously, our policy on quality being: To meet or exceed our Customer requirements and expectations in a proactive, professional and cost-effective manner