Application: Mining – Storage Dam – Aeration/Mixing

Challenge / Issue

A mine in Western Australia had a Tailing Storage Facility decant water storage pond experiencing seasonal algal bloom growth, resulting in anaerobic water conditions. Their downstream water treatment process was compromised with high fouling rates of reverse-osmosis and ultrafine filtration filters and membranes stemming from this increased organic activity.

Solution And Results

All Purpose Pumps supplied two 7.5kW HyFlow Aerators. Presence of surface algae was reduced to the point of irrelevance. Dissolved oxygen content was increased to maximum practical saturation levels possible with just air. Turbidity of the water has been reduced. ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) has become positive without chemical intervention, which indicates that the water has capacity to “breakdown” contaminants (organic and inorganic) via disinfection, or oxidation. Odour was eliminated.

 The amount of downtime resulting from chemical cleaning of the downstream water treatment process has been reduced.

What The Client Says

“We installed two Aerator-Mixers supplied by All Purpose Pumps, to aerate an anaerobic water pond suffering from the presence of excessive organic and inorganic foulants. Installation and operation have been straight-forward with minimal intervention required. After several weeks, allowing sufficient time to turn-over the pond volume, water conditions notably and persistently improved. I’m confident we are on-track to achieve the desired outcomes and am looking forward to working with APP in the future.”

Terry – Senior Plant Metallurgist


HyFlow Model HMA76.6-HX250.75.3.4
Power: 7.5kW
Air Flow Capacity: 648 m3/hr
Motive Flow Capacity : 9.0 ML/24hr
Outlets: 6

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