All Purpose Pumps – Qpumps

All Purpose Pumps is proud to have been the exclusive Australian supplier of all Q-Pumps products for a number of years now. We chose to align ourselves with this brand when our department head was on a search for the best quality twin screw pump to service our industrial sector clientele. We believe that the QTS Series is the best quality available in the market. As a company that has been manufacturing pump solutions and systems for over 25 years, we are confident of our expertise to make that statement.

Q-Pumps are manufactured in Mexico and distributed to over 40 countries around the globe. The quality of their products is trusted by many well-known brands such as:

Another Q-Pumps product we are impressed with is the Drum Unloader, part of their QDU Series range. Drum unloaders are heavyweights in dealing with thick consistency products such as peanut butter or mascara. The highly efficient and hygienic QDU Series Drum Unloader takes over an otherwise manual job in the food and cosmetics processing. The benefits of removing the manual component of the process eliminates human error and potential injuries to employees.