Food Oil Interceptors (FOI’s) previously referred to as Grease Interceptor Traps (GIT’s) by the Australian Water Authorities, have been re-engineered here at All Purpose Pumps. All Purpose Pumps Food Oil Interceptors are pre-approved by multiple water boards across Victoria. Our Research and Development Team along with the support of our Design Engineers have worked closely to re-engineer our FOI’s, now configured from FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) increasing the system’s design life to 50 years and maintaining a zero-product failure record.

The unique structural design of the FOI has been engineered to increase the system’s ability to withstand difficult ground conditions without failure. With applications within commercial food preparation facilities, cafés, restaurants and industrial food processing plants, the FOI is expected to handle an assortment of contaminants.

All Purpose Pumps FOI have a range of sizes available from 600l to 5000l capacity. Our inhouse Design and Estimating Team can develop custom designs, engineered to meet a large variety of applications and requirements.

Installation made easier whilst reducing costs

The structurally engineered FRP design allows for inground installation without the need for concrete backfill, reducing costs and making the system installation easier.

The All Purpose Pumps FOI comes standard with an Adjustable Riser, allowing for easy depth and surface alignments due to its customizable design. Height adjustments up to 75mm and angle adjustments up to 5 degrees.

An additional accessory for the All Purpose Pumps FOI is a Fixed Riser, developed to achieve customers desired installation depth (max. 1000mm to inlet invert), capable of being cut to custom height for accurate surface finish level.