Bin Evacuation System

Bin Evacuation Systems are designed to unload medium to high viscosity food products from 1000L aseptic bins.

The Bin is placed below the Bin Unloader, the ram plate and pump is lowered into the Bin, just above the product. When the pumping starts the product is moved out of the Bin and the plate with inflatable seal travels down into the Bin, scraping product from the sides of the Bin. After the Bin is emptied the plate and pump is lifted out by a simple switch of a button.



  • Unique floating ram plate, bin guide & end gate with backstop eliminates the need for exact positioning of the bin under the ram plate
  • Electro-pneumatic controls with HMI interface
  • Corner bag retainer – bag stays in place while pumping
  • Ram fall prevention safety latches
  • Maximum Flow: 68 m3/h
  • Maximum Fluid Pressure: 83 bar
  • Maximum Viscosity: 1,000,000 cP


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