Dominator Multi-Stage Pumpsets


Dominator Multi-Stage Pumpsets have a reputation for quality and reliability within the Australian construction industry. Design specifically for high-rise buildings where greater pressure is required to reach the higher levels without over pressurising the lower levels. These multi-stage pumpsets can be configured with multi outlets or a single outlet combined with a pressure reducing station to achieve the desired outcome.


Dominator Multi-Stage Fire Pumpsets have proven themselves as a tough and reliable fire protection solution, incorporating the follow features: PUMPSET COMPONENTS
  • Built on a robust combined or separate galvanised baseplate
  • Select of superior Dominator diesel engines
  • Galvanised high-pressure pipework
  • High pressure valves and pressure switches
  • Multiple outlets with varying pressures to different pressure zones’ requirements
  • Variable speed options to counter fluctuating suction pressures
  • Advanced control Panel
  • Jacking pump
  • Batteries and necessary wire looms
  • Fuel tank
CONTROL PANEL Dominator fire pumpset controller features include:
  • AS2941-2013/AS2118 Australian Standards compliant
  • Keypad control
  • Heavy duty powder coated cabinet
  • Local and remote alarm
  • User-friendly operator interface
  • Battery charging and temperature monitoring system
  • Automatic and remote starting functionality
  • Alarm warning lights
  • Variable speed controls if required


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