Drum Unloading System

Drum Unloading Systems are applicable for the removal of liquids with viscous contents from standard industry containers. All Purpose Pumps are an exclusive distributor of Q Pumps Drum Unloader (QDU). The QDU Drum Unloader is the fastest Unloader with less energy consumption.

World Fastest Unload Times – Unloads 200L of Tomato Paste in 1min 38sec!
Pulsation-free >99% Product Recovery – Evacuates almost 100% of the product.
Quick & Easy to Clean (CIP) – No need to dismantle pump for cleaning!
Easy to remove drum plate & wiper assy.
Leading Efficiency – x 5-10 times lower energy consumptions compared to pneumatic pumps.
Very Low Noise – Operates almost silent.
Universal drum sizes – Adapts to multiple drum types & sizes.

Simple to use HMI colour touch screen control – Easy to use.
Swivel mounted enclosure.
Washdown – IP69 SS washdown motor.
IP66 touch screen.
Full Stainless Steel Construction – For maximum hygiene and service life.
Low Maintenance – Designed with fewer parts
Only 2 spares required: pump seal and drum wiper.
Safely Transportable – Integral hygienic wheels
Lowest Cost of Ownership – Compare to all other drum unload technologies


  • Energy efficient electric motor drive. Full stainless steel wash-down motor/gearbox option available
  • EHEDG certified QTS Twin Screw Pump
  • High volume and smooth pulsation-free flow
  • Best in-class drum unloading times
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to use touch screen control
  • Variable speed drive enables full speed control for both product and CIP duties.

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