HYLIFT 40/ High Level Alarm undersink pump unit. Heavy duty waste pump for domestic & commercial use

$1,400.13$1,696.64 Incl GST

Compact and easy to install, the All Purpose Pumps HYLIFT-40 & HYLIFT-40 High Level Alarm (HLA) Units come fully assembled and plug directly into a standard electrical outlet. The heavy duty pump easily handles domestic and commercial waste and has been selected for its high performance and extremely quiet operation.


  • WaterMark Certified complying the WMTS 106:2019. Certification Nº: 23399.
  • Durable 40 litre stainless steel tank.
  • 240v submersible pump, capable of handling small solids and fibres, whilst pumping high heads and long distances.
  • Compact design, supplied fully assembled with all connection points on one face.
  • Single trade installation, complete with 2 metre power cable and standard 3 pin, 240v 10 amp plug.
  • Odour filter and anti flood valve accessory* (included)
  • Optional audible visual high level alarm, 3 Mountable Positions voltage free common alarm output for BMS connection
  • 50mm FBSP Inlet
  • 25mm FBSP Discharge



  • 40 litres
  • Optional high level alarm (HLA)
  • 50mm FBSP Inlet and 25mm FBSP Discharge
  • Tight spaces and less demanding applications
  • Suitable for 1-30 people with one dishwasher


  • 70 litres
  • Included high level alarm (HLA)
  • High temperature option available
  • 50mm FBSP Inlet and 32mm FBSP Discharge
  • High-use applications including restaurants, large office spaces, greasy and fatty wastes.
  • Suitable for 1-80 people with two dishwashers.