Vertical Column Pumpset

HYFLOW HCP Series Cantilever Column Pumps are designed to achieve process reliability, efficiency and low operating costs, even in the toughest applications. Indefinite dry-run capability, non-clog solids handling, self-priming and high-temperature capability are just some of the reasons why these pumps are selected over other pump types.


  • No mechanical seals or bearings in the pumped liquid for indefinite run/dry capability
  • Heavy-duty dry bearing/pedestal and shaft assembly for maximum reliability
  • Motor of choice including Exd Hazardous Area / flameproof motors where needed
  • Optional pump ends for solids, high heads, high flows, etc.
  • Column lengths to 1.4m plus suction tail pipe where needed
  • Pump material options including stainless steel and hard metals
  • Jaw Hub Coupling allowing for easy motor removal
  •  Maximum Temperature: 200°C
  • Heads up to 100m
  • Maximum Flow: 200L/s


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