Project: Australia 108 Melbourne


Australia’s newest skyscraper, Australia 108, is officially Melbourne’s tallest residential tower, soaring 319 meters high. With its roof complete and glass facade in place, the 100-story Southbank tower can also claim the title as the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere. We had the privilege to put our products into this building, helping them achieve their goals. 


To provide basement level sewer and stormwater pump systems.

To provide a reliable flow of domestic cold water supply at constant pressure throughout the building. Overcome challenges including static friction head (building height 317m over 100 floors) and limitations of maximum pipe pressure ratings.


Staged transfer pump systems lifting cold water up from lower level supply tanks to upper level supply tanks (x 4), combined with constant pressure pump systems to give constant pressure supply back down from each tank.

Dual Sewer and 2 x dual Stormwater pump systems were supplied to the basement areas.


Upgrades to APP controller designs and their settings, along with valuable training and development of APP onsite service technicians in the function/commissioning of transfer pump systems for high rise buildings.

Changes during construction to provide partial handovers of sections of the building required additional onsite commissioning and adjustment to the cold water pump systems to achieve water transfer to temporary supply tanks. These were then readjusted to suit the permanent supply tanks.


Client Name: CDC Plumbing
Builder: Multiplex
Project Site: Australia 108 Melbourne
Fun fact: Originally designed as 108 floors, it was cut back to 100 floors due to Civil Aviation restrictions.