QDB / QVM Powder Liquid Mixers – for thin and thick liquids.

How to successfully mix thin or viscous products? The QDB Hygienic power-liquid mixer is a packaged solution ready for efficient blending of powders with liquids and liquids with liquids, for viscosities up to 600cP. The QVM includes the addition of the QTS twin screw pump to enable mixing and/or transfer of thicker emulsions. The standard package includes feed hopper, flow regulating valve with mixing transition and application specific shear mixer, all mounted on a compact portable stainless-steel trolley-table assembly. Various interchangeable shear plate designs achieve an optimum combination of recirculation, turbulence and shearing determined by your specific products and application. These systems are designed for easy cleaning (CIP) and can be customised to meet your specific process needs.   Contact our helpful team to discuss your challenges today.    
Common applications include mixing or blending of the following products:
Batters & cake mixes
Flavours & ingredients
Mayonnaise & Aioli
Cosmetic body lotions & creams
Shampoo & soaps, etc
Beverage vitamins, minerals, acidity regulators etc
Liquid sugar & confectionary slurries
Glycerines, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Corn Starch and other thickening agents