QTS Slashes 1,200 hours off annual cleaning time! Excessive spare parts usage eliminated.

Application: Guacamole

Challenge / Issue

Existing Waukesha Circumferential Piston (lobe) and Watson Marlow MassoSine Sinusoidal pumps required daily breakdown for cleaning and sanitising. The cleaning regime took 4 hours every day. A separate centrifugal pump was required to effective clean the pipe work. Spare parts consumption was excessive due to the constant stripping and re-assembling of the pumps during which time the parts are fatigued, damaged and from time-to-time, lost. A balance of undamaged solid particles and mash guacamole was required to meet the recipe specification.

Solution And Results

A QTS 300 series Twin Screw Pump set with capacity for both product and CIP flows was delivered. This enables both gentle handling of the avocado solids without damage and high-speed velocities for fast and effective CIP. The client has now gained 1200 hrs of added production capacity every year by eliminating the need to break down pumps for cleaning. The QTS 300 has also made the separate centrifugal CIP pump redundant. Consumption of spares has so far been eliminated with no seal change with 14 months of constant operation. Proving such a favorable outcome with pump reliability & production capacity, the client has since received delivery of 6 additional pump sets.

What The Client Says

“The QTS pump has ticked all the boxes for us. It has really streamlined and simplified our process, not having to strip the pumps for cleaning is a  double win for us with the amount of time saved and reducing our spares inventory down to practically nothing. The trial is what convinced us and you made it easy for us to make the right choice – highly recommend these pumps”

QTS Model QTS 300
Max Pressure: 25 bar
Max Product Flow: 50.6 m3/hr
Max CIP Flow: 92 m3/hr
Max Viscosity 1,000,000 cP
Max Solid 25.4 mm

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