Please thank your team for the work they recently undertook at the property. Our office greatly appreciated the way you all rallied round to save the building.   – Suzanna, Building Manager
We appreciate the urgency displayed when addressing the issues with the sump pumps at the property. Great result!  – Josh, Building Manager
Thank you once again for your company’s swift and professional assistance. It’s highly appreciated especially one day out from the Easter break. – Michael, Building Manager
Our goal was to resolve this re-occurring issue. We engaged All Purpose Pumps. We were impressed with their experience in this field, they met our expectations including prompt professional advice and a solution to our problem. The installation was done in a quick professional manner with minimal disruptions. My thanks to All at All Purpose Pumps for their Professional service. – Grammar School Board Member
Thanks for getting straight into this…as you realise too Hot Water delivery is always a Customer/Tenant concern. – Alistair, Building Manager
… have over 60 HYLIFT units at our Manufacturing Plant in Altona – We’ve standardized on HYLIFT because they are the most reliable unit we’ve found and can pump up to our roof height of 12 meters. As you can imagine, flooding under sink pumps generate a safety issue and have the potential for further repercussions in a manufacturing environment. We have avoided these situations by installing HYLIFT. – Tom, Plant Engineer
The HYLIFT system is easy to use, easy to install and there is no odour. We have never received a maintenance call for a HYLIFT system. – David, Plumber
I am extremely happy with the service provided by APP. The team delivered on-time and the system was easy to install – thanks Cameron for the site visit! – Eddie, Business Director