The Licorice Pump – QTS Twin Screw Pump

Licorice Pump Saves $11,280.00 Pa In Repair Costs At Major Confectionery Manufacturer.

Application: Licorice Transfer And Extruder Feed

Challenge / Issue

The existing 30bar rated Fristam lobe pumps required frequent seal replacement due to the abrasive nature of the sugary confectionery and the pressure required to feed the extruder. The cost of ongoing repairs was excessive, let alone downtime cost that is significantly higher than the repairs! The pump service life was around 4 weeks between failure.

Solution And Results

All Purpose Pumps delivered a QTS 100 pump set with driver specifically to meet the duty required. The pump was supplied on a Trial basis to remove any risk to the client. After 3 months of hassle-free operation, the client purchased the pump, this pump has now been in operation since March 2018 (2 years) and has needed just one seal change due to operator error (turning the seal water off so the secondary seal ran dry). The client has since received delivery of 4 additional QTS pumps for various duties. The pump paid for itself within the first few weeks of operation – ROI was very impressive!

What The Client Says

“I would recommend these pumps to anyone – they are the best pump we have in the factory. Other Positive Displacement pump types such as Air Operated Diaphragm, Lobe Pumps, Helical Rotor, etc don’t come close to how this performs and what it can do. QTS is the best type of Mechanical Seal pump I have ever seen in my working life…never seen a pump before that lasts such a long time with his type of confectionary. They are easy to work on, seal change is easy and supporting data, spares and service support is readily available.” Justin – Maintenance Lead.

QTS Model QTS 100
Max Pressure: 18 bar
Max Product Flow: 7.9 m3/hr
Max CIP Flow: 15.9 m3/hr
Max Viscosity 1,000,000 cP
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