Watermark Certified Undersink Pump

The HYLIFT Undersink Pump is fully complying in accordance with the requirements of the new Technical Specification WMTS – 106:2019 for small bore pumping units. WaterMarks

Hylift pumps handle any solids that fit down the sink waste grate

The pump is powerful and robust to handle any solids that fit down the sink grate such as fibers, corn, coffee beans and food scraps providing trouble free operation.

Long lasting and durable stainless steel tank.

HYLIFT Undersink Pumps are constructed from stainless-steel for excellent durability and endurance. Enquire Now

Pump lines do not need to be run on-grade saving installation time

The Hylift pump discharge line can be installed without the requirement for grade. Effortlessly handles high heads and long pipe runs without the need to run pipework on-grade.

Pump Lines Can Include Multiple 90 Degree Bends

HYLIFT Undersink Pump lines can include multiple 90 degree bends saving installation time and performing where others can’t.

A Large Range Of Flood Protection And Safety Devices Available

Added peace of mind when installed with Flood Protection & Safety Devices that are available to suit HYLIFT.

Odour Filter With Anti-Flood Valve Accessory Included

All HYLIFT Undersink Pumps are supplied with the unique odour filter and anti-flood valve as an accessory.

Commercial Durability And Capacity

HYLIFT 40 Pump can service up to 30 people and 1 dishwasher. HYLIFT 70 Pump can service up to 80 people and 2 dishwashers.